vtghf ([personal profile] frodolover) wrote2009-10-06 08:32 pm


I've made the swap to Dreamwidth, thanks to the benevolence of [livejournal.com profile] etfb/[personal profile] etfb. Not that it's likely to change the frequency with which I post, however I do like the idea of having time to adjust to a non-lj environment while things still work and before the list of reasons for *not* sticking with livejournal becomes long enough to actually justify it being referred to as a list.

Hopefully there won't be any hiccups with this process. One question I do have is of course, does the fact that I'm cross-posting mean that my entries show up twice on your reading list [personal profile] etfb?

Time to go play with dw. That, or practice my presentation for the Student Conference on Thursday. I know what I'd rather be doing.